This letter appeared in the
Choctaw Plaindealer
 on August 6, 1943. It  was written to Mr. John Blain.  Ten men from Old Lebanon served in the military in World War II. They were: Reverand Howard B. Foran, Herbert A. Blanton, Allen Farrell Calcote, Ronald Calcote, Durwood Calcote, Claude Greer, Billy Joe King, Frank Moss, Garner Robinson, and James Sides.  Ronald Calcote was killed in military service.
 Dear Mr. Blain:
I am sure you will be a bit surprised to get a letter from me. 
It is not that I have got so much news to tell. If I could talk to you instead of writing, I could talk a long time about things we do, and things I have seen since the last time we talked to each other.
 For army life, I am making the corners O. K. Much better than I thought I could.
 With my experience being with boys from all parts of the good old U.S.A. and people from other parts of the world, I learn a lot about the way they live.
 I know you and the other men of Old Lebanon Church.  You being one of the oldest men tenting and you can see all of the other men in town, I thought I would write to you. And you can tell all of the other men.
 I know you people back home are doing all you can do to help win this war.  I know you are cooperating in all ways and all kinds of ways that is a help to us boys.
 It is not long for the time of Camp Meeting.  I’ve got a feeling some may say, well in a time like this we need to work.  We need to save all of the food for the boys in the army.  We haven’t got gas to go to church. And such things like that. 
I am going to tell you how I feel, and I believe all the rest of the boys from Old Lebanon feels the same way. 
I feel the prayers that will be offered during the meeting will mean more and are needed more than any thing you can do for us boys.  I feel like you all  will be making a big mistake if you don’t try to have the meeting as always. 
I know the old Camp Ground during camp meeting has meant a lot to me.  I do see the men believe in Christianity like we do, are the ones you can count on, when you really need a true friend. 
Real Christianity is needed now more than any thing.  It’s left up to people like us.  The large cities are out numbered all ready.  The evil is over the good.  It is so you can talk to all the members of Old Lebanon, you people get together and have a real Camp Meeting. Tell them all I wish I could write to each one.  But am a little too busy.  Wish I could tell more about my army life, and just where and what I am doing. Bye, a friend.   Garner Robinson