posted 6/24/17 Rev. David Harrell, from Faith Presbyterian Church in Aberdeen, will be the campmeeting speaker in July 2017.  Campmeeting dates are July 14-19. posted 10/15/15 Rev. Richard Wiman, from Belzoni, will be the campmeeting speaker in July 2016. Campmeeting dates are July 15 - July 20. We continue to enjoy the messages and leadership of Jason Anderson each Sunday. His sermons are now online. posted 8/2/15 Ben Mclain, Ruling Elder from Trinity Presbyterian Church in Jackson, will be leading services at Old Lebanon on Sunday, August 9. A Facebook page has been created for Old Lebanon. Please check it out. posted 3/29/15 Photo added to Miscellaneous photo page on website. posted 1/9/15 Cemetery records were updated on website. posted 11/11/14 Website updated as follows: photos of fall foliage added to Miscellaneous photos photos of Fall Fellowship added posted 10/5/14 Website was updated as follows: photos of spring that were on the Meditation Garden page have been replaced with photos of improved quality a link to the photos of the spring was created on the Photos and Links page.